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Mateyko 2.0

Mateyko 2.0: Mateyko secures your login data that you use to access websites and programs. login data that you use to access websites and programs; it simplifies and automates the login process. From now on you do not need to worry about a forgotten password to a website or email service. Mateyko will remember your data and will fill appropriate fields for you. When using Mateyko, web browsing and using online services is easier, faster and more convenient. Some features of Mateyko useful in daily work: - It secures your login data from

Form Auto Filler (Form Filler) 2.4: Form Auto Filler - form filler freeware. Free form filler for Internet Explorer
Form Auto Filler (Form Filler) 2.4

login websites and email accounts, Form Auto Filler helps you in any situation. Form Auto Filler is free form filler software that saves your time by automatically filling web forms with your information. Just fill the necessary information once, and Form Auto Filler will enter and submit this data into web forms for you. Using Form Auto Filler you can easily autofill logins and passwords on web pages, in registration forms, etc. Form Auto Filler

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iAutoRun 6.18: iAutoRun lets you run application automatically without login to Windows.
iAutoRun 6.18

iAutoRun lets you run application automatically without login to Windows. Features: 1. Helps to run application without login. 2. Helps to run executable files without login. 3. Helps to run batch files without login. 4. Helps to run VBScript files without login. 5. Helps to run JScript files without login. 6. Can be run even if no one is logged in. 7. Supports Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000.

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Easy Password Manager 2.0: Securely store Internet passwords, auto account login and auto fill web forms.
Easy Password Manager 2.0

Easy Password Manager is a secure password management system that allows One-Click login to many Internet accounts. A single Master Password gives access to all the contained data. The integrated Form Filler automates the process of filling in online web forms. Features Include: *Securely stores password / login details. *One-Click Login to many web accounts*. *Auto Fill web forms*. *All data remains encrypted only on your PC. *Lots more.

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robosso 1.5: RoboSSO is the Password Manager that completely automates password filling
robosso 1.5

RoboSSO is the top-rated Password Manager that completely automates password entering .Provide high security protection to prevent theft of Trojan or spyware. At present, people use accounts and passwords are increasingly frequent, but Trojan or spyware programs also has become more rampant.RoboSSO is to help ease your memory suffering for these key confidential data, and to eliminate your security concerns during the online login.

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Account Suitcase 1.1.0: Login autofill with a secure password keeper
Account Suitcase 1.1.0

login form automatically with a single click. The application can store multiple logins for one and the same web page, lettings users sign in under different usernames. With all passwords in Account Suitcase, you can browse faster and sign in to your accounts on the go! Key Features: *Fill out login forms with a mouse click *Add a new user name and password automatically *Organize saved logins into groups *Store login data encrypted and password-

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Web Login Manager 1.22: Browser Password Manager. Easy to use and edit saved login profiles.
Web Login Manager 1.22

Web Login Manager is an Internet Explorer Password Manager that enables you to automatically log in to your favorite web sites with just one click. It is integrated with Internet Explorer and is accessible from a toolbar that becomes a part of Internet Explorer, HTML page context menu or Internet Explorer menu. Web Login Manager saves all login info from web form as your profile and easily completes and submits login form when you use it.

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